all languages - wide range of fields - speed and sworn translations

Behind every good text is a good translator. Our experienced translators, all native speakers, cover a wide range of special fields. And all of them fully meet the selection criteria used by Hapax Vertalers: professional competence, accuracy and adherence to professional standards. This means that our legal translators, for instance, are well-versed in the applicable legal systems, our technical translators feel at home in the relevant fields of expertise and our financial translators know their way around the worlds of accounting and banking. Other translators combine their creative talents with an acute sense of empathy. They are excellent with texts that must speak to the heart and mind of the intended reader.

Hapax Vertalers provides both sworn translations and regular translations in almost any language combination - covering financial, legal, technical and commercial fields. Your assignments are carried out by the right person and always professionally, accurately and on time. The same standard applies to urgent assignments as well. With the knowledge that your translation is in good hands with us, you can turn your full attention to completing your projects.

If you would like more information concerning translations or if you have a specific request, please contact us. We would be happy to serve you and, based on the language combination, the number of words in the text, the degree of difficulty and urgency, as well as whether or not you need a sworn translation, a suitable quotation can be provided.