Interpreting Services

Hapax Vertalers provides highly experienced, professional interpreters. Regardless of the occasion company visits, presentations, congresses or the execution of deeds in the presence of a civil-law notary we ensure that the parties involved can communicate with one another smoothly.

We provide the following interpreting services:

Liaison interpreters usually facilitate the communication between two people in conversation, translating the dialogue sentence by sentence. They perform their services in situations in which conversations are necessary, such as tours, trade show visits, negotiations or the execution of deeds.

Consecutive interpreters are used for meetings between small groups of people at which someone is needed to interpret in a limited number of languages, i.e. such as meetings, business negotiations or presentations. One interpreter is used for each language, as a rule. In this situation, a speaker will speak for a short period, stop and the translator then translates what has just been said.

Simultaneous interpreters provide their services at larger gatherings of people, such as international congresses. Sitting in a cubicle using headphones and a microphone, they translate what the speaker is saying almost simultaneously. This means that no extra time is set aside for the actual job of interpreting

Whisper interpreters translate what a speaker is saying almost simultaneously. This form of interpreting is used when only a limited number of participants in a large group need an interpreter. What is being said at the meeting is 'whispered' into the particular participant's ear. If this involves more than two listeners, audio equipment is required.

Regardless of which type of interpreting service you need, strict confidentiality is guaranteed. For further information or specific questions about any potential interpreting assignments, please contact us.